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Bear Shaman
Spirits (3)
Wrath (3)
Brute (1)
Carnage (1)
Dark Templar
Depravity (2)
Desecration (2)
Conflagration (2)
Havok (2)
Juggernaut (2)
Tempest (2)
Herald of Xotli
Avatar (1)
Possession (1)
Nightfall (3)
Reanimation (3)
Priest of Mitra
Divinity (2)
Vengeance (2)
Sharpshooter (1)
Waylayer (1)
Tempest of Set
Lightning (2)
Thunder (2)
Welcome to Masters of the Universe

Our goal is to provide our members with a relaxed environment for them to experience Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures in without the pressures imposed on you like so many guilds do.

We don't tell you can't PVP, or that you must PVP, we leave that up to you. You can be a ganker in this guild to a point, or you can chose to not fight at all. As long as you respect the guild and its members and allies you can pretty much PVP the way you want.

In this guild you will find all kinds of players. We have hardcore PVP members, PVE oriented members, Crafters, and those that like to experience it all. The guild does not focus on one aspect of the game. We want to provide an environment where all of these types of players can enjoy themselves. 

You are free to be who you want to be and play the game how you want to play it in this guild.

The aim for this guild is to have active members who have something to do. We schedule guild PVP and PVE events daily, weekly, and monthly. Something is always going on.

Our rules are not hard to follow. As long as you conduct yourself in a way that is not disruptive to other guild members enjoyment of the game, and you are faithful to the guild, we will gladly keep you as a member. 

Masters of Good. Masters of Evil. Masters of the Universe.

New members please read our rules section located to the right of the screen. You will also find a officers link, be familiar with who your guild officers are, they can help you with any questions you might have about the guild.

Bullethead, Guild Master
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So you have returned.

bullethead74, Mar 20, 11 2:46 AM.

I haven't looked at this site in nearly two years. The tragic end was unfortunate, but the guild did accomplish quite a few things that many guilds never did. My memories are fond ones. I remember the good times we had.

Well I have moved on obviously. If you have returned here then you probably also have some memories here. If you ever want to find me, I will be playing Star Wars the Old Republic. I have created a new guild and I hope to improve on what I learned from this one. I would say the new guild is already a vast improvement over this one and the game hasn't even launched yet. Stop by and say hello if you like.

-Bullethead (PcolaPat)

No Safety for Grommlek

bullethead74, Aug 19, 09 9:05 PM.
Masters of the Universe was more than willing to help Vikings with thier siege tuesday night. We sieged the battlekeep of DKK, the new home for some of our old members. It was a hard fought fight, but we defeated them soundly. Grommlek and Lyz's new guild got piunched in the mouth, and though lyz was apsent, grommlek took enough deaths for the both of them.

DKK is a PVP guild and had a T3 battlekeep. That wasn't enough. Congratulations to vikings on thier new keep. Great job masters for helping them get it. I am sure they will return the favor for us in the near future.


Lyzard leaves Masters

bullethead74, Aug 15, 09 4:36 AM.
During our thursday night raid one of our senior officers was in violation of a major guild rule. The rules of the guild are to protect the integrity of the guild and must be followed by all in the guild. Lyzard was demoted because of this, and the following day she decided to leave masters of the universe.

I appreciate everything Lyz has done for this guild, and our guild will not be the same without her. She was one of the original officers of this guild and shaped this guild into what it is. I wish that what had happened on thursday had not occurred. I will miss her.

Some in the guild may question my decision to demote her for what occurred, and I can understand why. Lyzard was a huge element of this guild, and demoting her did result in her leaving the guild. I knew this might happen, and the backlash of her leaving the guild will likely hurt the guild. What would have hurt the guild more would to have allowed guild rules to be violated by a senior officer without consequence.

No one in the guild, regardless of rank or contribution to the guild is above the guild itself. The guild rules must be obeyed. It is the responsibility of the guild officers set the right example, by being familiar with the guild rules, and following them. It is my responsibility to ensure that our guild officers are meeting this obligation.



Masters raids on its own...Finally!

bullethead74, Aug 5, 09 2:03 AM.
We have played second fiddle to another guild for too long. Tuesday we not only raided on our own without support from another guild, we did it extreamly well. Many of our new members have added their talents to our raid, and the difference was apparent. Over the next few weeks i imagine our guild to advance much further in raiding, and downing alot more bosses. Gratz to all and nice work.
Kylikkie had no chance at all

Ninth and Masters destroy Kylikie

bullethead74, Jul 25, 09 11:29 AM.
Raid 24 July. We win and here is the proof, enjoy!

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